Thursday, October 11, 2007

school years

In my opinion I think that high schools should not be extended to five years.

To begin with, the reason why I think that school should not be extended to five years is that in previous years the school had four years we should keep it that way. Next the students are not use to getting change. Besides adding an extra year to school it will increase the drop out rate. Did you know in your fifth year in high school you could be in college earning your credits?

Next, in my opinion I think that the reason why an extra year has to be added is because the economy is low. Then, this means that there isn’t enough money to pay for teachers and any of advanced classes. Next I think that some parents would agree with me they would have to come up with extra money for a uniform school hold off on there college education they can be getting.

Then, most kids likes to have fun and hang with there friends. By adding an extra school year the board of education will be taking our right to the pursuit of happiness. In my opinion I think that if we add another year that’s going to be more expensive. The money toward an extra year of school can be spending on bills from a parent point of view.
In Conclusion, this is the reasons why we don’t need an extra year in high school. We should have some time to our selves not seeing the same people. This is why I feel that it should not be extended.

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